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About Talentbank

Better Employability For The Nation

Our Values

Driven by a deep commitment to excellence, we create a space where talent meets opportunity.
With a focus on integrity, innovation, and inclusivity, we build bridges between professionals and employers, fostering a community where careers flourish.


We're dedicated to empowering careers, bridging seasoned professionals and emerging talent.



We're committed to excellence in connecting talent with top employers and providing support.

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Community Impact

We give back to society, acknowledging our role in making a positive difference.



We stand firm on principles of honesty, ethics, and transparency, fostering trust in all relationships.

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Diversity and Inclusion

We embrace diversity, creating an inclusive environment where all can thrive.

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Continuous Innovation

We lead with perpetual learning, constantly innovating to bridge talent gaps.

Our Mission

Shaping the future by connecting professionals and talents

At Talentbank Group, we aim to empower individuals and organizations alike. We achieve this by strategically connecting professionals with opportunities and fostering talent development. We believe in the power of enhanced branding for employers and employees alike, creating a dynamic synergy that promotes innovation and success throughout one's career journey

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Message from CEO

Welcome to Talentbank Group!

Since our inception in 2010, we've been dedicated to enhancing the employability of Malaysian graduates. Our ecosystem connects universities, undergraduates, and employers to bridge the gap in the job market.

We've organized countless career fairs, both online and offline, helping graduates secure jobs across various sectors. Our network allows companies to access talent from public and private universities, boosting economic growth.

Through partnerships with university career centers, we've achieved remarkable success in increasing employability rates. We're committed to making a lasting impact on the nation's employability, serving as a vital bridge between employers and graduates.

Join us on this journey of transformation in the employment market. Together, we'll create a brighter future.

Ben Ho
Chief Employability Officer (CEO), Talentbank Group

Empowering Careers, Elevating Excellence

Journey of Excellence: Our Story Over the Years

Establishment of Talentbank


An employability ecosystem focused on producing career-ready candidates and connect them to industry leaders that welcome prime talent. The name “Talentbank” has been granted approval by relevant authorities in Malaysia. 


Organised Campus Job Fairs at all Universities


Job Fair allowed students to better  understand their future career prospects and provides a platform for employers to recruit potential talents at the right place.

Campus Career Fair

Introduced “Talentbank Career Fair”


Curated since 2017, the Talentbank Career Fair is widely regarded as Malaysia's Most Comprehensive Career Discovery Event, showcasing over 100 top employer brands. It provides a prime opportunity for job seekers to explore a variety of employment opportunities and engage in enlightening conversations with prospective employers. Visit 


Introduced “Graduates’ Choice Award”


Established in 2018, the Graduates’ Choice Award (GCA) is Malaysia’s Most Authoritative Graduate Employer Branding Award, with the result 100% determined by the votes of university students nationwide. It is our profound belief that the voice of the youth matters. Visit


Introduced “National Graduate Employability Index”


A market research project to determine the universities most favored by graduate employers, which serves as a reliable selection criterion for students who plan to pursue higher education after completing their secondary school studies. Visit


Introduced “Talentbank Digital Career Festival”


A virtual career fair that provides a platform for job seekers to connect with potential employers during Malaysia's Movement Control Order (MCO). This digital event features various companies and industries offering job opportunities, internships, and career advice through virtual booths, live chats, and webinars. 


Introduced “School of Careers” for Graduates


SOC provides finishing school content that is affordable, relevant and job placement guaranteed. Through creative learning experiences delivered by industry practitioners, our students not only become the best in the industry, they become the industry. Visit 


Establishment of Talentbank Job Portal


A network of career directory that brings together students and employers into one platform to find the perfect fit. Up-to-date, we’ve offered over 25 complimentary job sites to various universities. Visit


Signed MOU with 13 Universities


We have established partnerships with 13 leading universities in Malaysia to enhance graduate employability and bridge the gap between employers and graduates.


Introduced “Talentbank Edutisement”


Maximize the potential of higher educational institution as a hiring destination for top employer brands, and help their graduates achieve their career goals with our innovative approach, to promoting brand awareness and elevating employability.