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Celebrating 10th Anniversary

Talentbank Graduate Apprenticeship Program (TGAP)

Become a Talentbank Apprentice, gain invaluable experience through networking, plus an opportunity of getting hired by Best Employer Brands in Asia.

This is

✅ suitable for undergraduates (2nd, 3rd, or final year university students)
✅ suitable for graduates (recently graduated)
✅ a remote role with flexible working hours
✅ a role that you do not require any prior working experience

We accept

✅ applicants with CGPA 2.0 & above
✅ applicants with diploma & above
✅ applicants from any field of studies

What will you be experiencing along the journey?

This is a 12-month program to jumpstart your career by getting mentored at Talentbank. By the end of the Apprenticeship, you have a better chance of securing a permanent role with your Employer of Choice in Asia. You will be learning:

✅ business strategies
✅ brand management
✅ project management
✅ team management
✅ project profit & loss
✅ market penetration
✅ negotiation skills
✅ database management
✅ risk management
✅ stakeholders management
✅ time management
✅ tech implementation

Good to know: 

✅ Remuneration: From RM 1,000
✅ Other remunerations: Incentives, annual bonuses, and achiever awards
✅ Other Perks: Flexi hours, tech-based business operations

Minimum requirements (our selection criteria): 

✅ Held a role in any clubs or societies (president, vice president, or committee roles)
✅ Actively volunteering in any companies or charity organizations
✅ Strong leadership skills
✅ Creative and able to think out of the box
✅ Possible and must-do mindset
✅ Think big, act small, and move fast
✅ Minimum CGPA of 2.0 & above

Key responsibilities

🎯 Work closely with project leaders for project execution
🎯 You will be involved in brand management, business strategies, project management, team management, profit & loss, market penetration, negotiation, database management, risk management, stakeholders management, and tech implementation (with the help of our tech colleagues)

You’ll be involved in any of these products: 

👉 Graduates’ Choice Award (
👉 Best Employer Brand Accreditation (
👉 Best Universities with High Employability Ratings (
👉 Talentbank Digital Career Festival (
👉 School of Careers (

Your career path

Apprentice (Contractual) -> Employability Executive (Permanent) -> Project Lead (Permanent) -> Assistant Line Manager (Permanent) -> Line Manager (Permanent) -> Division CEO (Permanent)