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Employer Branding, Recruitment & Education Specialist.

Advisory Board

Our Independent Advisory Board advises on the strategic direction of Talentbank’s specific projects and continues to support these projects in future endeavors. The Board members are comprised of various professionals, each in a different field of expertise, and therefore are well-equipped to provide constructive and comprehensive input on various matters and problems. Apart from geographical, gender, and professional expertise, variety allows the board to draw upon a wide range of experience, utilizing it to offer different perspectives and help the organizations develop effective strategies. These include but are not limited to skills advisory, capacity building initiatives as well as networking and exposure opportunities. The Advisory Board advises the Talentbank upon request and on its own initiative.

Best Employer Brand Accreditation

Izhar Moslim
General Manager
Kencana Capital Sdn Bhd

Sheila Wong
International Image Consultant
SWET Image International

EJ Yeap

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Top 10 Employers' Choice of Universities

Dr Sia Ah Hiok
Tertiary Education Specialist

International Speaker & Coach
Motivational Consultant

Former VP of Student Services in
Higher Educational Institution


Ben Ho
Graduate Employability Specialist

Mover & Shaker of
Nation’s Graduate Employability

Founder at


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Note: The Advisory Board is not to be affiliated with Talentbank’s Board of Directors. Any advice rendered by any of the Advisors is non-binding, informal, and ad-hoc basis. The Advisory Board does not have the authority to vote on corporate matters or bear legal fiduciary responsibilities. The Advisory Board does not intervene or interfere with the authorities of Talentbank. Hence, the Advisory Board is not liable for any third-party claims or damages.