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Celebrating 10th Anniversary

Employee Ownership Twin Books

This book is dedicated to all the good man and woman out there who have not just worked hard for the money and a better living, but also taken ownership of their every action and thought. Your mindfulness of the bigger picture and diligent contribution to your career have given hope all to our future. Thank you. May you all be well and happy always.

Insightful Tips for
Bosses & HR Leaders

This is a MUST HAVE concise guide for managers, bosses and HR leaders to explore, identify and overcome known and hidden obstacles within all levels of corporate and business fields. An incredibly easy read, this book is packed with novel tips and ideas to improve and keep improving on employee performance in ways that few have thought about.

RM 50 for 2 Books. Out of Stock.

Inspiration for
Jobseekers & Employees

This is a MUST HAVE manual for jobseekers and seasoned employees. Ben and Roger share no-holds barred insights with impressive simplicity that it’s hard to imagine any serious employee not quickly gripped by the free-flow of advice you can put into practice to experience immediate positive impacts both in your personal and professional lives.

RM 50 for 2 Books. Out of Stock.

The Authors

Ben Ho

Ben Ho is the CEO and Founder of Talentbank. Talentbank is in collaboration with Hundreds of Universities and Thousands of Employers Nationwide. Talentbank is endorsed by the Malaysia Book of Records. Established in 2011, it is now known as the most integrated in-campus HR Platform. Ben’s road to success includes many milestones. These include being one of the finalists for JCI’s Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian Awards, Winner of SME Rising Star (Platinum Business Awards), and Winner of Best Website (Asia Recruitment Awards).

Roger Kerk

Roger Kerk is a leading expert in the Marketing and HR fields. Over the past 20 years, the man sculpted a well-deserved reputation for his dedication and prolific methods in helping both businesses and employees achieve their professional and personal goals. To date, he has coached and trained thousands of individuals and business leaders, and continues to share practical ideas, as he runs several successful businesses. Some of his work culminated in a down-to-earth, no-holds barred book entitled, “Free Branding: Grow Your Brand Organically” (2015), that is crammed full of new ideas and practical guidance to start up your own, or keep your business growing strong and healthy.