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Hiring Now: Employee Engagement Consultant

At Talentbank, we believe in individual growth that resonates with collective success. As you carve out a standout career with us, you also play a pivotal role in empowering and motivating others to reach their full potential.

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We are on the lookout for an adept Employee Engagement Consultant to join our dedicated team. This role primarily revolves around assisting clients in conducting employee engagement surveys, analyzing the results, and presenting comprehensive reports. The ideal candidate possesses a keen analytical mind coupled with excellent interpersonal and communication abilities. A strong ability to handle complex data, draw actionable insights, and a sincere commitment to boosting employee morale and productivity are paramount for this position.

Responsibilities (included but not limited to):

  • Survey Administration: Guide clients through the process of initiating, distributing, and completing employee engagement surveys. Ensure each step is seamless and the content is accurate and relevant.
  • Data Analysis: Convert raw survey responses into insightful findings. Identify overarching patterns, sentiments, and crucial takeaways from the data.
  • Report Creation: Formulate detailed reports summarizing survey outcomes, highlighting key metrics and observations. Tailor reports based on client needs and the audience being addressed.
  • Client Collaboration: Build robust relationships with clients, understanding their organizational dynamics and specific needs. Collaborate closely to ensure the survey process aligns with their objectives.
  • Presentation Skills: Communicate survey findings to client stakeholders through structured presentations, ensuring clarity and facilitating discussions on actionable steps.
  • Continuous Improvement: Solicit feedback post-survey, refining methodologies and ensuring enhanced accuracy and satisfaction in future surveys.
  • Market Acumen: Remain updated on the latest in employee engagement theories, tools, and best practices. Attend related events and workshops to continually enhance expertise.
  • Stakeholder Management: Foster trust and rapport with both clients and survey participants, ensuring transparency, responsiveness, and a high degree of professionalism.


  • Bachelor's degree in Human Resources, Psychology, Business, or a related discipline.
  • Minimum of 2-3 years of experience in employee engagement, organizational development, or a similar role.
  • Strong analytical and statistical skills.
  • Proficiency in survey tools and data visualization software.
  • Exceptional communication and presentation abilities.
  • Organized, attentive to detail, and able to juggle multiple tasks.
  • Passionate about improving workplace environments and culture.

Compensation & Allowances:

  • Attractive compensation package inclusive of base salary and additional benefits.
  • Allowances catered to specific needs such as transportation, meals, etc.
  • Potential bonuses based on client satisfaction and successful project completions.

Professional Growth & Career Advancement:

  • Clear pathways for career growth within the organization.
  • Opportunities to attend relevant training sessions, webinars, and seminars.
  • Exposure to the latest tools and methodologies in the employee engagement space.

Please note: This role is hired on an ongoing basis throughout the year. If you choose to apply, your information will be reviewed by our recruiting team and we will reach out to you if your background matches an opening at this time or in the future. 

Your Day-to-Day Role as an Employee Engagement Consultant

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Survey Facilitation & Assistance

Delve into the heart of employee sentiment by aiding customers in the smooth execution of employee engagement surveys. Ensure questions are aligned, distributed efficiently, and all participants are well-informed and comfortable throughout the process.


Data Analysis & Interpretation

Transform raw survey data into meaningful insights. As an Employee Engagement Consultant, dive deep into the responses, identifying patterns, trends, and areas of concern or celebration. Utilize analytical tools and methodologies to extract actionable intelligence.

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Report Compilation & Presentation

Craft comprehensive reports that encapsulate survey findings in an easily digestible format. Engage stakeholders with clear visuals and precise narratives, ensuring they grasp the significance of the data. Tailor presentations to suit different audience needs, driving impactful discussions and future strategies.

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