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Celebrating 10th Anniversary


Preferred Employer

This emblem is awarded to Employers ranked #1 – #5 in the annual Graduates’ Choice Award (

Preferred University

This emblem is awarded to Universities with High Employability Ratings in the annual Best Universities with High Employability Ratings (

Colour Usage


Aside from being the colour of Talentbank’s identity, it also represents good fortune and passion, matching the courage and drive that exists in all of us to always strive for perfection.


The colour gold symbolizes success, achievement, and triumph. The colour of a winner. It is associated with the prestige and recognition that comes hand in hand with success.

Design Rationale


Being preferred by other parties displays a sign of trustworthiness and confidence. That is exactly the message that we are trying to convey through our awards as the word represents the choice of the voters in the respective group.


Stars are frequently associated with the status of being prestigious as the saying goes “Reach for the stars”. A Mark of excellence awarded to those who have successfully reach their highest potential.

Laurel Wreaths

The wreaths symbolize victory tracing back all the way to Ancient Rome. Gifted as prize to those who attained victory for their nation, we included it in our emblem to represent the recognition to those who have brought recognition to the country.

Usage of Emblem

Emblem Usage

The emblems are only awarded and granted usage permission to winners from the stated surveys/awards for purposes such as exhibition materials, marketing collaterals, and stickers for internal usage only. Talentbank will not and does not endorse any improper usage of emblems by individuals or entities that are not among the winners of surveys that each category represents.