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Since 2010, We Connect Thousands of Career-Ready Candidates with Industry Leaders Who Welcome World-Class Talent.

We take pride in bridging the gap between these talented candidates and esteemed industry leaders who are on the lookout for unparalleled, world-class talent to elevate their organizations.

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Trusted by Over 10,000 Businesses in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan & China

Utilizing an all-encompassing database and advanced algorithms, Talentbank is setting new benchmarks in recruitment, establishing seamless links between organizations and budding talent that perfectly align with their bespoke needs, further asserting our leadership in employer branding.

Download The Free Graduate Recruitment Handbook to Enhance Your Hiring and Employer Branding Strategies at Top Universities

Based on an exclusive annual study of over 1,000 companies of all sizes, who are actively recruiting new graduates from both public and private Malaysian universities, this research offers unique insights that cannot be found anywhere else.

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Bespoke Recruitment & Employer Branding Solutions 

Talentbank delivers cutting-edge solutions to our clients, both locally and globally. We specialize in bespoke, highly customized solutions to address your hiring or employer branding challenges. If you possess a visionary employer branding or recruitment idea and believe that Talentbank can bring it to life for your organization, we encourage you to schedule a 15-minute chat with our CEO to explore innovative solutions!

Our Expertise

Strategically elevating company reputation to attract top talent, boost morale, and drive engagement
Discovery Events
Interactive events connecting individuals with potential insights and opportunities for career growth
Building bridges between academia and industry, fostering collaboration, and nurturing future talent
Market Insights
Deep understanding of employment trends, opportunities, and challenges in today's job landscape

Our Expertise

Hiring Solutions
Talent Solutions
Delivering tailored recruitment services, including headhunting and career discovery events, to help you find the perfect candidates for your organization.
Employer branding
Employer Branding
Enhancing your company's employer branding image to attract top-tier talent by strategically positioning you as an employer of choice.
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Market Research
Providing comprehensive insights into job market trends and challenges, empowering you with data-driven strategies for talent acquisition.
Partner Engagement
Academic Collaborations
Partnering with universities to bridge the gap between education and industry, ensuring a smooth transition for graduates into professional roles.
Recruitment Innovation
University Rankings
Offering detailed evaluations and rankings of universities based on various criteria to help you identify top institutions for talent sourcing.
Academic collaboration
International Placement
Facilitating global career opportunities, helping candidates secure positions abroad and enabling companies to access a worldwide talent pool.

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Discover Talentbank's innovative solutions trusted by global corporations, including employer branding solutions and bespoke recruitment strategies as below

Global Corporations Trust Talentbank's Graduates' Choice Award as the Gold Standard for Graduate Employer Branding Particularly on Malaysian University Campuses.

Established in 2018, the Graduates’ Choice Award stands as APAC’s premier and unrivaled Graduate Employer Branding Award, audited by a distinguished Board of Audit Members comprised of representatives from various universities. With an unwavering commitment to transparency, the award’s results are 100% determined by the votes cast by university students, making it the definitive voice of the future workforce.

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Trusted Companies

Join the Ranks of Global and Local Corporations Who Trust Talentbank for Highly Customized, Effective Employer Branding or Recruitment Solutions Tailored to Their Specific Hiring Needs.

By choosing Talentbank, you align with global and local corporations who trust us for our bespoke recruitment solutions. We provide tailor-made strategies to meet your specific hiring requirements, delivering efficient and effective talent acquisition for your organizational success.

Major Multinational Companies Take Part in a Remarkable 50 Career Fairs Organised by Talentbank Each Year.

This alliance empowers them to broaden their recruitment horizons, tap into a rich vein of fresh talent directly from academic institutions, and cultivate deeper relationships with the educational sector. As a result, it amplifies their employer branding, making them more attractive to the up-and-coming generation of professionals.

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Happy Workspace

Organizations Opt for Talentbank's Employee Engagement Survey to Gauge Satisfaction Levels and Earn Prestigious 'Happy Workplaces' Accreditation.

Organizations select Talentbank's Employee Engagement Survey to assess their team's satisfaction and performance. The completion and positive outcome of this survey confers the distinguished 'Happy Workplace' accreditation, symbolizing a healthy, productive, and satisfied workforce within the company.

Parents and Students Leverage Employers' Choice Award organized by Talentbank for Informed University Selection

Talentbank's Employers' Choice Award provides a valuable resource for parents and students, offering insights into universities that consistently foster highly sought-after graduates. By leveraging this award, individuals gain a strategic advantage in making informed decisions about their academic journey, paving the way for successful and fulfilling careers.

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