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We Asked 733 Leading Graduate Employers Which Are Their Preferred Choice Of Universities To Hire Fresh Graduates

Data-driven Employability Ratings, 100% Determined By Leading Graduate Employers in Malaysia

Universities Known for Top-Tier Academic Programs

Numerous prominent graduate recruiters have identified their favored universities for recruitment. Enrolling at one of these institutions could increase your likelihood of securing employment more swiftly. 






Survey Questions


The final score's crucial elements encompass the three primary questions directed towards employers, aiming to furnish a comprehensive grasp of a university's employability. These components undergo meticulous scoring and integration to form a cumulative index, effectively portraying a university's performance in graduate employability. To ensure precision in representation, specific weightage is allocated to each component, considering the relative importance of factors contributing to employability success. This systematic approach maintains a balanced and equitable assessment of each institution's performance. By conscientiously addressing these components and their respective weightage, the final score offers a precise and meaningful depiction of a university's employability, aiding prospective students and parents in making well-informed decisions when choosing a higher education institution.


Question #1
Universities Employers Recruit From

Provides insight into the institutions that are consistently producing work-ready graduates who meet the employers’ needs. This component of the score reflects the overall demand for graduates from these universities in the job market.

Number of Graduates Hired

Question #2
Number of Graduates Hired

This metric is crucial as it offers a quantitative measure of a university’s success in producing employable graduates. A higher number of hires from a particular institution signifies a greater confidence among employers in the quality of the graduates it produces.


Question #3
Recurring Hire

This component of the score highlights the long-term relationships between universities and employers, indicating sustained trust in the quality of education and the employability of the institution’s graduates.


Please note that the data provided is for informational use and does not ensure an interview or employment. We strongly advise those who are finishing high school or are currently undergraduates to engage in extracurricular activities in addition to excelling academically.

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