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[Free Download] Make Better Hiring and Employer Branding Decisions at The Leading Universities

Based on an exclusive annual study of over 1,000 companies of all sizes, who are actively recruiting new graduates from both public and private Malaysian universities, this research offers unique insights that cannot be found anywhere else.

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By downloading the Talentbank's Graduate Recruitment Handbook, employers and business owners can proactively plan, make well-informed decisions, and gain a competitive edge in attracting top talents before their competitors.

Challenges Commonly Faced by Graduate Recruiters

1. Lack of Understanding of What Industry Peers Are Offering

Frequently making sub-optimal decisions due to a lack of information on competitors' offerings to graduates, underscoring the need for benchmarking data.

2. Inadequate Forecasting of Talent Availability

The absence of comprehensive data on the number of graduating students in various disciplines leads to poor planning and gaps in talent acquisition.

3. Inefficient Resource Allocation at Various Campuses

The challenge of determining which universities to prioritize for employer branding and recruitment results in unnecessary expenditure and overutilization of manpower resources.

4. Insufficient Understanding of Student Behaviour

The absence of a trustworthy source to understand current student behaviour patterns often leads to delays or repeated unsuccessful recruitment attempts.

5. Limited Understanding of Graduate Aspirations

Lack of insights into the career aspirations and expectations of fresh graduates, making it difficult to align job offerings with their preferences.

6. Difficulty in Measuring Employer Branding Effectiveness

Struggles with assessing the impact and effectiveness of employer branding efforts, leading to inability to adjust strategies for optimal results.

7. Limited Flexibility in Recruitment Strategies

Struggles with adapting recruitment strategies to different campuses, demographics, or recruitment seasons, which may hinder effective outreach to potential candidates.

8. Struggles with Diversity and Inclusion

Difficulty in creating and executing effective strategies to attract and retain a diverse range of candidates, often resulting in a lack of diversity in the workforce.

2 Easy Steps to Download Graduate Recruitment Handbook

Provide Your Recruitment Stats

Kindly provide us with your essential recruitment data, which will be pivotal for our report compilation. It's important to note that this eBook is tailored for professionals in managerial roles or higher, with a minimum of 2 years of working experience.

Receive Your Gradinsights Handbook

Once your submission is in, we'll take some time to verify its authenticity. After ensuring everything is in order, you can expect the handbook to be dispatched to your inbox by end of the survey duration. We're certain you'll find the insights valuable!

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Perk #1: Internship & Graduation Dates from Public and Private Universities Across Malaysia

Discover internship and graduation dates from over 50 prestigious public and private universities across Malaysia. Stay informed about the latest schedules to plan your academic and career journey effectively. Whether you are a student seeking internship opportunities or preparing for graduation, this comprehensive list ensures you don't miss any crucial dates. Stay on top of your educational milestones with ease and make the most of your university experience.

Perk #2: Graduate recruitment best practices from over 1,000 leading organizations across 36 industries

Explore the pinnacle of graduate recruitment practices from over 1,000 renowned organizations spanning across 36 diverse industries. This comprehensive resource unveils the strategies employed by industry leaders to attract and retain top graduate talents. Discover innovative approaches, cutting-edge techniques, and successful case studies that have shaped the recruitment landscape. Stay ahead in the competitive market by gaining invaluable insights into the best practices that drive graduate hiring success.

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Perk #3: Rankings of top public/private universities followed by field of study

Unlock the gateway to academic excellence with our comprehensive rankings of the top public and private universities, segmented by fields of study. Gain invaluable insights into the educational landscape as we present a meticulous evaluation of these institutions, highlighting their strengths and specialties in various academic disciplines. Whether you're looking for expertise in engineering, arts, business, or other fields, our rankings will assist you in making informed decisions when recruiting talents from these institutions.

Perk #4: Use our insights to craft effective employer branding strategies, positioning your company as a top choice for graduates

Harness crucial insights from Talentbank to plan and execute impactful employer branding strategies. Our data-driven approach helps you understand the preferences and aspirations of today's graduates, positioning your organization as an employer of choice for the recent year. Stay ahead in attracting and retaining the best emerging talents, thereby building a dynamic and innovative workforce for your future success.

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Perk #5: Speed up hiring process by grasping students' job search behavior, salary expectations, favored job sites, and more!

Accelerate your hiring process by gaining a deep understanding of student behaviors during their job search. Our insights include expected salary ranges, favored job-seeking platforms, and other critical factors. This knowledge can streamline your recruitment efforts, helping you attract the right candidates more effectively and efficiently. Don't just hire – hire smarter and faster by tapping into the mindset of your potential candidates!

Feedback from HR Professionals Who Have Accessed the Talentbank's Graduate Recruitment Handbook

Every year, we'd struggle with the 'right' campus hires. The handbook flipped that narrative. A few pages seemed dense, but the clarity it brought to our branding efforts? Unprecedented.

Kent Lim
Business Unit Manager

I was a tad skeptical initially, but the handbook provided by Talentbank transformed my perspective. Our hiring decisions have never been more informed. Though I had to re-read a section or two for clarity, the overall impact on our employer branding has been significant.

Diona Chang
People & culture

Graduate hiring was a gamble till I dove into the handbook. The nuances, the trends – it's all there. We also struggled with hiring decisions until the Guidebook came along. While there were a few points I needed to cross-check, the insights offered have drastically improved our recruitment efficiency.

Nur Syaira
HR Executive

Construction hiring is challenging. But with the insights from the handbook, we've made more informed decisions, aligning perfectly with our employer branding strategies. Yes, it took a moment to digest all the information, but it's changed our game.

Rafizi Asli
internal recruiter

The handbook is not just data – it's a narrative of the next-gen workforce. It took a moment to align my team with its insights, but the result? A refined hiring strategy, resonating with fresh talents.

Ngam Jia Min
Project Lead
When I first laid hands on the handbook, I thought it'd be just another manual. Boy, was I wrong! It's changed how we approach graduate hiring altogether. Got a bit lost in one of the chapters, but the learning? Immense.
Richard Chow
HR Director

The Graduate Recruitment Handbook by Talentbank stands as an unbiased, non-partisan hub for research and consultation on graduate employability matters. Collaborating with thousands of graduate employers across pivotal industry sectors, we delve deep into employment trends among graduates. This handbook embodies a wealth of knowledge and practical insights aimed at enhancing national employability. The survey report is shared with qualified stakeholders.