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Boost Your Brand Year-Round on University Campuses Starting at Just $4!

Uphold your brand reputation on university campuses throughout the entire year, thus ensuring your brand is the preferred choice for students upon graduation

Limited space availability on a first-come-first-served basis

6 Advantages of Advertising on Campus

Unleash the potential of campus advertising: amplify brand recognition, attract top talent, boost product visibility, foster student engagement, enhance employer reputation, and seize unique marketing opportunities.
Enhanced Employer Branding

Enhanced Employer Branding

Advertising on university campuses offers a powerful platform to showcase your company's values, culture, and opportunities. This helps create a strong and positive impression among students, enhancing your brand's appeal as an employer of choice.

Targeted Audience Engagement

Targeted Audience Engagement

University campuses host a diverse group of students, including potential future employees. Your advertising efforts can reach this captive audience directly, increasing the chances of effective engagement and brand recognition.

Long-term Brand Association

Long-Term Brand Association

A continuous presence on campus establishes a lasting brand association in the minds of students. When they enter the job market, your company is more likely to be among their top considerations due to the familiarity and positive perception created through your campus advertising.

Product Exposure and Adoption

Product Exposure and Adoption

Apart from employer branding, campus advertising offers an opportunity to introduce and promote your products to a youthful and receptive audience. This can lead to early adoption and lifelong customer loyalty.

Strategic Positioning

Strategic Positioning

By selecting high-traffic areas for your advertising, you can strategically position your brand in locations where students frequently gather. This ensures maximum visibility and impact, reinforcing your brand's significance.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Campus advertising shows your commitment to the student community and education sector. This social responsibility can greatly enhance your brand's reputation and strengthen its resonance among students, faculty, and even parents.


Campus TV


Campus Billboard


Campus Facade

Some of The Actual Site Photos

These are actual photos captured across multiple universities, depicting the exact spots where your advertisements will be strategically placed.
Inti Penang
Swinburne Library
UOC Library
Sunway Campus
Inti Subang
Monash Campus
Swinburne Lobby
Unitar Campus

Advertise in One Of These University Campuses

Discover the dynamic campuses within our Talentbank Edutisement Network, where esteemed universities welcome you to elevate brand visibility, interact with students, and showcase opportunities.

Elevate Your Impact with Our Cutting-Edge Campus Advertising Network

Media Types

Introducing "Edutisement" - the innovative approach to on-campus advertising. If you're an HR professional or a corporate marketer, you can now display your products continuously within the campus boundaries. Elevate your brand's visibility where it matters most.
Campus Facade

Maximize brand recognition with your logo displayed prominently on the university's building exterior, facing the road

Campus Logo-1
Campus Logo

Showcase your company's logo prominently, boosting your employer reputation among students

Campus Logo
Campus Billboard

Enhance impact with our printed canvas on prominent frames, strategically positioned within the campus

Campus TV-1
Campus TV

Elevate visibility with our 55" vertical LED screens, displaying your content across diverse campuses

Champion Career Exploration. Inspire Youth Interest in Various Career Pathways

4 Easy Steps to Advertise

Effortlessly promote your brand with our 4 simple advertising steps

Confirm Availability

Choose your desired universities, confirm space availability, and opt for your preferred media type

Secure Your Spot

Secure your prime location. Limited spaces are available, allocated on a first-come-first-served basis

Share Final Artwork

Provide your finalized artwork according to the specified dimensions. It will be uploaded or printed

Campaign Live!

Initiate your branding campaign across numerous universities across the nation

Plant the Seeds of Career Curiosity

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